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3DSS - Laser Scanning Services


Laser Scanning Services, using the latest longest range technology, we scan all kinds of properties, structures, quarries/stockpiles all around South Africa.  Providing point clouds in the fastest possible turnaround from scan to delivery providing detail suited to your requirements and budget.

If you need accurate locality drawings for building assessment, area space management, development planning or property monitoring we can deliver in a matter of hours or days depending on the detail and accuracy you require.


We work around the country providing fast, effective and budget-driven services delivering what you want as quickly as possible without interfering with your ongoing operations.  There is no limit no range that we cannot scan to and assist you with.

From detailed colour or basic grey scaled intensity, we can provide point cloud data in a wide range of formats including the Trimble Real Works Viewer and Scan Explorer.  

For none engineering-based or focused operations, the scan explorer offers a unique window of opportunity without any need for costly software.  You can immediately view the cloud in full or limited detail, and see exactly what we scanned; measure, annotate and understand without stepping foot in the space you need information from at any time.

If you're looking for high detail/accuracy in your volume calculations? We scan full quarries in hours and deliver the results back in the fastest time possible.   Contouring with layouts is provided with the calculations to avoid any confusion on the stockpile calculations and volume, while density calculations can be added to your requirements.  We monitor large areas monthly.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Accurate Volume Calculations; for fast-moving materials is simple an essential when it comes to business production monitoring.  We co-ordinate monthly reporting for major quarry operations.  With all types of rock stone and run off crusher we provide highly accurate volumes with stock codes, densities with change sheets giving you all the necessary information to manage and monitor your operations.

Our calculations are based on a core point cloud solution that we initially develop to create a base or natural ground level design of your quarry.  We then move quickly overall new and changed stockpiles always monitoring from the same base or platform will give you the best and most accurate change in your volume.  Our sampling is generally calculated at 100mm spacial sample mesh.

If you need to monitor your progress on steel structures, manage and make sure each and every as-built column has been placed in its exact design location within tolerance from base to top/roof we can help you.

Monitoring Structural Development is crucial to the result of the final product you deliver to your client in the construction industry.  Making sure all safety and core building integrity standards are maintained for long term structural efficiency.  We can quickly overlay your design to the cloud and verify every detail of your requirements.

From reservoirs, tanks, columns, concrete or steel we can provide monitoring updates at every necessary interval of your development.

Property Groups alike all need to know exactly what condition their properties are in.  From ensuring the right area and space according to rental contracts and agreements to the exact state of the property is in before, after and if necessary during the property is occupied. 

We can quickly scan your properties to a forensic level providing all the detail you would like.  This data is the most accurate way to monitor and measure your assets.   Wall, floor and ceiling conditions can be verified to their exact location at any point after our initial scan.  Any structural updates and changes can also be fully documented.  A scan explorer can be provided after each inspection for comparison and verification between tenants and or developments.

Imagine using Google street view.  Walk around your property from the comfort of your desk at any time necessary and see the state of any of your assets.  Compare, calculate and measure any point of interest or concern.  Then call us back to check and monitor any change or effect.

It's personal, from the beginning of each operation the aim is always to understand your exact requirements and deliver as quickly as possible.  Performance using this technology is everything.


A best-fit approach to the scanner is simple, it captures everything with a simple option of quantity and quality.  Your choice is how much you want, with the benefit of always being able to go back and get more detail as and when suits.

Fundamentally its not a quick sale we're looking for, its a lifetime commitment of service and delivery which we will always strive to develop and enhance.

Faro 330x

With a range of up to 330m, there is virtually no limit to where we can scan and what we can deliver in the fastest possible time, with tested accuracies of approximately 5mm. 

It's all about technology and efficiency FARO has the best-known scanners, while Trimble has maintained one of the most effective software solutions available.  We can assist in 2D or 3D from volume contouring, floor flatness inspections, plumb column inspections, precise layouts with as much detail as you require.

To add there is no need to overcomplicate the situation, image reference scan explorer lets you see clearly measure, annotate, present and develop.


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